Super 7 Alien ReAction Figure Early Bird Gift Set Is Here!

Staff member Adam McIver received his early bird gift set from  SDCC and the 6th figure is…….a semi translucent Alien Figure! If you preordered from Super7, either via SDCC or online then be on the lookout.

All SDCC Early Bird Kit and Online Pre-Orders for the Alien ReAction Figures and Alien Fast Food Glasses are shipping next week! The 3 3/4″ vintage styled Alien ReAction Figures have traveled through space and time, from deep within the derelict spaceship, from 1979 to 2013, across and ocean and finally over land by truck to our warehouse, and then on to all customers who Pre-Ordered from Super7.

As a thank you for the support and patience of everyone who pre-ordered and made this project possible, all pre-orders from Super7 are packaged on a variant blue cardback with retro-style blister, including a special 6th Bonus Figure available nowhere else!

IMG_0321 IMG_0452 IMG_2979 IMG_3487 IMG_4181 IMG_4450 IMG_6168 IMG_9795