Suicide Squad: The Review

Suicide Squad. Was it good? How was the acting? Was the writing at least better better than BVS? Well, we went to the premier last night and here is what I think of it. Caution: some people may view a plot summery as a little spoilery, just saying.

For those that don’t know, Suicide Squad  is a movie about a secret government agency within the DCEU that takes the worst bad guys within the universe and pretty much force them to fight for the good guys for a decreased sentence on their jail time. But, of course, this is not without stipulations. They are the worst of the worst, anyway.

hquinnsuicidesqThe movie, in short, is a fun mess. Just as much went wrong for the movie and there were things that went well. If DC could only do one thing right, its their villains. For a movie that is all bad guys, it has some high expectations. The expectations of the characters, in terms of acting and development, was fantastic.

The pacing was weird and messy. Almost like the editing team were trained to edit trailers and not movies. Not to mention that the one liners that were involved in the re-shoots were hastily added into the film with no lead ins whatsoever. It made for some awkward moments in the film that left me wondering the question “why?”.

I won’t say too much more about the movie, otherwise, I will start talking about how I think the movie should have ended. So here is my break down out of 10 (1 being the worst to 10 being the best)

Acting: 8.5

Writing: 6

Visuals: 8

Direction: 5

OVERALL: 7    A fun an enjoyable thrill ride that left a lot to be desired