Steve Lightle – Artist Spotlight

I was torn about this one, after all, Steve Lightle has had some very high profile work over the years, but his current work is less well known. You may be familiar with his work on Legion of Super-Heroes or the covers for Classic X-Men, among many others. What you may not be familiar with is his creator-owned webcomic, Justin Zayne.

From the moment in the 1980s when Steve Lightle burst into the comics business as the artist for the popular Legion of Super-Heroes, it was obvious that he was one heckuva artist. He went on to help relaunch Doom Patrol at DC and provide covers and artwork for a variety of comics, including Classic X-Men. However, most fans don’t know of anything of his career after 1990. He’s continued to work for Marvel and DC, providing artwork recently for Booster Gold: Future’s End and covers for Legion of Super-Heroes and The Mighty Titan. It’s his work on Justin Zayne that reminds us just how contagiously fun his artwork can be.

So go over to his site, and read Justin Zayne. Play around on the site and discover more great creations by Steve and see his love for the Beatles. Then do yourself a favor and go out and find some great Steve Lightle comics and covers.

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