Steel Brigade Pilot with VTOL Photo Gallery

One of the highlights from Joe Con 2014 was the exclusive Steel Brigade Pilot w/ VTOL. As a whole this vehicle 2-pack was an excellent choice for the con. Even if the VTOL was leaning more towards Sky Patrol, it was still a must have. I loved the POC Skyhawk and this one takes it’s cues from that (minus the canopy).I guess you can say it was the overall styling of the vehicle that did it for me. The pack in figure, Steel Brigade pilot was and still is, the best Steel Brigade figure produced to date. If you get a chance to buy one, get it. Trust me this was a truly exciting combo pack and a must have for all Joe collectors.


IMG_5896_1024x683 IMG_5897_1024x683 IMG_5898_1024x683 IMG_5899_1024x683 IMG_5900_1024x683 IMG_5901_1024x683 IMG_5902_1024x683 IMG_5903_1024x683 IMG_5904_1024x683 IMG_5905_1024x683 IMG_5906_1024x683 IMG_5907_1024x683 IMG_5908_1024x683 IMG_5909_1024x683 IMG_5911_1024x683 IMG_5912_1024x683 IMG_5913_1024x683 IMG_5914_1024x683 IMG_5915_1024x683 IMG_5916_1024x683 IMG_5917_1024x683 IMG_5918_1024x683 IMG_5919_1024x683 IMG_5921_1024x683 IMG_5922_1024x683 IMG_5923_1024x683 IMG_5924_1024x683 IMG_5925_1024x683 IMG_5926_1024x683 IMG_5927_1024x683 IMG_5928_1024x683 IMG_5929_1024x683 IMG_5930_1024x683 IMG_5931_683x1024 IMG_5933_1024x683 IMG_5934_683x1024 IMG_5937_683x1024 IMG_5939_1024x683 IMG_5948_1024x683 IMG_5949_1024x683 IMG_5951_1024x683 IMG_5952_1024x683 IMG_5953_683x1024