Stealth Captain America & Brock Rumlow Minimates Review

Marvel Minimates series 55 is focused on the Marvel movie, Captain America The Winter Soldier! Today we’re looking at one of the two packs with the titular character, Captain America in his stealth uniform and Brock Rumlow.


Cap 01 Box


Cap 02 Stealth Captain

Cap is seen here in his Stealth Uniform. This is the same dark blue uniform he’s wearing at the beginning of the movie. It has black and silver highlights with brown accents on the belts and gloves


Cap 03 Stealth Captain Head

Cap’s helmet can be removed and he has a spare hair piece for an unmasked, Steve Rogers appearance.


Cap 04 Stealth Captain Hand

Cap also comes with a spare hand/harness piece that allows the shield to be plugged on it like all the other Captain America Minimates.


Cap 05 Stealth Captain Shield

The shield is his stealth version decoed in blue and silver.


Cap 06 Stealth Captain Shield

As I previously mentioned, it can be stored on the peg on his glove, or the peg on his shoulder straps

Cap 07 Stealth Captain Shield


The raised straps molded on the inside of the shield can also allow the hands to slightly grasp them

Cap 08 Stealth Captain Shield


Cap 09 Stealth Captain Logos

The outfit has a lot of tiny details including the US Flag and Shield logos on the shoulders (Unfortunately the Shield logo (and the star on Cap’s Shield in a previous picture) had a slight miscalculation with the tampo machine and the black lines didn’t line up with the silver background) This happens from time to time with these tiny, intricate details.


Cap 10 Stealth Captain Action

Like most Minimates, Captain America has a good range of motion and the shield helps the figure strike dynamic action poses.

Cap 11 Stealth Captain Action



Cap 12 Brock Rumlow

Next up is Shield agent, Brock Rumlow. He’s got a tactical outfit on.


Cap 13 Brock Rumlow Torso

Brock’s tactical vest can be removed to show a t-shirt with grey straps underneath. This appearance is just like in the movie but comic fans will take note that this seems to be an homage to Brock’s alter ego, Crossbones. Who usually wears a black shirt with crossed bones on the front.


Cap 14 Brock Rumlow Acc

Brock also has a Shield logo tampo on his shoulder and he comes with two leg holsters and pistols. The holsters hold the pistols really well.


Cap 15 Brock Rumlow Acc

Included in Brock’s arsenal is a machine gun and his shock baton


Cap 16 Brock Rumlow Action

At first glance Brock Rumlow felt like a generic military character, but the more I played with him, the more I enjoyed the figure. The deco has a nice contrast with the grey straps and the accessories work pretty well.


Cap 17 Brock Rumlow Action

This two pack has a nice new Captain America and includes a modern Captain America enemy (Though at this point in the movie they are on the same team) Both figures have their own pluses (Cap’s details and Rumlow’s accessories) that equals into a nice full minimate set.


Cap 18 Brock Rumlow Action