Star Wars Vintage Collection Wave 2?

We have new info that shows a major improvement with the Hasbro case ratios and character selection. Rumors circulated around a very bad wave 2 case mix and now it looks like that has been changed. The new case assortment could be the following:

1x Range Trooper
1x Captain Cassian Andor
1x Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master)
1x Imperial Death Trooper
1x Hovertank Pilot
1x Han Solo (Solo: A Star Wars Story)
1x Enfys Nest
1x Doctor Aphra (Fans’ Choice)

I know our sister division has ordered solid case packs for Aphra, Range Trooper, Hovertank Pilot and Enfys Nest. No word on when the actual cases go on sale but it should be soon. These will ship in August and November. The main case should ship in August. Consider this a rumor until conformed of course.