Star Wars The Black Series Greedo Review!

Well, this is it, the last figure from wave 2 of the ever popular Black series 6″ figures. I must admit and I said I would eat crow……I really like this figure! In fact I will go on record and say this is my favorite out of the bunch. I know the color is not quite right but still, Hasbro gave us an excellent Greedo 6″ figure.

I personally like the color and the sculpt is spot on. Unlike other Star Wars purists, I am very pleased with what we got here. I know Greedo could have been better but to me, he is just fine. I guess I really got a thrill out of the weathering done to his cloths and once again, look at that crisp detail! The head sculpt is nice and one of the best so far. Now that is saying something as all the figures from both waves look really good. Maybe it’s the articulation he sports? I know compared to Boba he has more range in his articulation due to not having anything blocking that articulation.

Bottom line is this, if you see poor Greedo do yourself a favor and pick him up. I can tell Hasbro has put in a ton of heart in these figures and I for one love it. My rating is a 5 out of 5! Now I will go hide as I am sure the interwebs will slowly implode due that statement. Keep up the great work Hasbro!

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