Star Wars The Black Series Biker Scout and Speeder Biker Review and Gallery

Biker Scout with Speeder Biker review and Gallery

What can we say about this awesome set that has not been said before? How about it’s one of the finest 6″ figure sets to ever come out? Yeah that sounds about right! Indeed this is one fantastic set and Star Wars fans all over should pick this up. Not only did Hasbro nail the details to the bike down, they gave us another awesome army builder to boot! The 6″ Black Series as a whole has shot some needed excitement back into an otherwise limp line.

We first saw this piece at this years NY Toyfair and the anticipation has been high for this release. The detail on the bike is spot on and the added stand gives fans options for displayability. The bike itself also has movable parts such as the back rudders and under belly cannon. The paint apps on the Speeder bike looks good and you can tell Hasbro put some major thought into this release. Of course the star of the set is the Biker Scout and just like his predecessors, the detail in awesome and spot on. I always tend to worry about the aesthetics of a figure that sits on a vehicle (such as the bike) but there was no need to worry. The figure sits just fine and stands even better. I know some complained of a diaper crotch but in reality, I am fine with the design. The articulation is what we expected and of course the Scout comes with his signature weapon.

Normally a release like this would come in a second or third wave but Hasbro made the right decision to get this one out first. The whole set is a work of art and so far I have not seen or read any negative reviews on this piece. Unlike Jabba, this set is not boring or lacking (sorry Hasbro, after the SDCC Jabba there is no comparison between the two) and it tends to sell out quickly. If you see this set pick it up! If this is what’s to come of the Black line I cannot wait to see what else we will get.


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