Star Wars Solo Store Finds…Or The Lack Of

Last night at midnight was the official launch date for the new Star Wars Solo toys. I wish we had something good to report but after hitting several Wal-Marts last night, it seems someone forgot to tell the retailer to put the toys out. Even today, not much was found. One Wal-Mart had 1 case of basic figures out, some 2 packs, no new Star Wars Black and only 1 case of The Vintage Collection. This was a dismal release if you ask me. Target did have some items out but was lacking a variety of items. With the demise of Toys R Us, you would think that Hasbro and the other big box retailers would get on this and get the product out. You have better luck going to a small mom and pops or a convention than hitting the large retailers. Granted, millage will vary from place to place and im sure more stuff is coming but still, this is a major release. Let us know what you found and for the record, Hot Topic DID have some of the Solo POPS out but that was it.