Star Wars Slave Leia Black Series 6″ Review *****UPDATE*****

As promised, the next one up for review is Slave leia! Like i mentioned before she seems to be the odd ball in this assortment. All the other figures represents A New Hope and well, she does not. I know it’s minor and trust me, I am thankful Hasbro gave us this one early. Still, maybe a traditional Leia would have been more fitting for this wave.

Now moving on, the figure itself is gorgeous. Hasbro went all in on this one and you can definitely see the fine details in the figure. The cloth is exceptionally nice and well done. The facial sculpt is what you expect and it too, is good! I know it can be tough to sculpt this character but the design team did a fantastic job. She sports some killer articulation and I did not see any thing hindering the articulation. The only other thing I would have done differently was add a real metal chain instead of the plastic one.

Overall, this is one heck of a release and I really like this figure. My rating for this one is 4 1/2 out of 5! Thanks goes out again to Hasbro for giving us such a cool figure! Keep it up!

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