Star Wars Reveals SDCC 2014! The Black Series 6″ Now With Images

News is flowing in from the Star Wars SDCC panel and it’s chock full of good news! We will be looking at the 6″ Star Wars Black Series first. Coming up will be: Luke in Stormtrooper disguise WITH A REMOVABLE HELMET!! Bossk! From what we hear, Bossk is going to be amazing!!! Imperial Tie Pilot (which we knew was coming!) LUKE HOTH WITH A 6″ WAMPA!!!!!!!! TAUNTAN AND BLUE COAT HAN SOLO!!! Emperor with soft good coming!!! All the images will be up in a bit. More to come from Star Wars today!!

bossk clonetrooper Han-Solo-and-Tauntaun Luke-Skywalker-and-Wampa tie pilotCapture



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