Star wars Rebels- The Series Ending, Future and More

By now most of you should have seen the series final of Star Wars Rebels and what an ending we had. It was filled with wonder, tears and laughter. It was a fitting end to a beloved series and surprisingly, it did something remarkable. This is where you WANT to stop reading if you want to avoid spoilers (go watch it!).  

The whole season for Star Wars Rebels had everyone wondered how will it end. Ezra has to die as he is not in the films. The same could be said for most of the others minus Chopper and Hera (thank you Rogue One). We already lost Kanan, which really hit home so we all knew something bad was going to transpire for our heroes. 

The good news is most of them lived and the season final brought back most of the characters seen in the show. We had the Clones, Hondo, Azadi, Kallus, Ahsoka and a few other surprises. This show not only closed a chapter but it ended with a beginning. Let me explain, Ezra did NOT die. Ezra is not in the original trilogy and the way Filoni pulled this off is epic.  I do not want to say too much folks but it all had to do with the Purgle which can travel via hyperspace.

Basically this was part of a larger plan from Ezra and as mention a bold move from the Filoni. Doing this answered why Ezra was never mentioned in the original Trilogy but a few other questions were answered.  Remember the FAN theory that Rex was a Rebel Soldier on Endor? Yes, that did happen and that is now cannon and Hera did fight on Endor as that was revealed at the end. 

Hera also had a child…..yes, she did and the father is Kanan! Oh the feels folks and Ahsoka is alive and doing well. In fact Sabine Wren and Ahsoka will set off to find Ezra; that was her purpose that Ezra gave to Sabine. Basically, more stories can come from this revelation. The story of Lothal has been completed as this was never about defeating the Empire but freeing an enslaved world. Once the events from this took place, the Rebels won their first major victory as seen in Rouge One and the rest is history. 

Some thought Thrawn would perish but just like Ezra, he lives and will fight on another day. Could we see Thrawn reborn in a way that forms the First Order? Who knows but his story is far from over. The future looks bright for this beloved character and it would be wise to keep an eye out for future novels. Even if Filoni does not revisit this character, novels and comics would be a great outlet to expand his story. Personally I was pleased how they resolved his arc and how intertwined it is with these characters, both current and future. While Thrawn is not part of the OT, he has a solid place in Star Wars cannon. Who knows, maybe Disney and Lucasfilm will give us a stand-alone story down the road for their Star Wars Stories series of films. 

Could we see more of Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, Chopper, Ahsoka, Kallus, Hera and Thrawn? The possibilities are huge folks and only time will tell. I just hope they give us something as a whole new chapter and world has been opened for exploration story wise. This is just an end to a chapter for Star wars Rebels folks and what a way to end it. Now onto the deaths

Deaths- Gregor, Governor Pryce and Rukh