Star Wars Play Arts Variant Boba Fett and Stormtrooper

Square Enix has sent out the first official photos of their next two Star Wars Play Arts Variant Figures. The next two figures will be fan favorites and they are Redesigned versions of Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper!!

The Boba Fett will include interchangeable hands, a heavy blast, a pistol, knives, flamethrower effect, jetpack effects and a figure stand. TheStormtrooper will come with interchangeable hands, a heavy blaster, a blaster pistol, a pistol effect piece and a figure stand. Each is priced at 12,000 Yen (about $100 USD) and are scheduled for release in July. Look for official pre-orders to go up soon on site sponsor BBTS and in the meantime, check out the images below!

Play-Arts-Variant-Boba-Fett-001 Play-Arts-Variant-Boba-Fett-002 Play-Arts-Variant-Boba-Fett-003 Play-Arts-Variant-Boba-Fett-004 Play-Arts-Variant-Boba-Fett-005 Play-Arts-Variant-Boba-Fett-006 Play-Arts-Variant-Boba-Fett-007 Play-Arts-Variant-Boba-Fett-008 Play-Arts-Variant-Boba-Fett-009 Play-Arts-Variant-Stormtrooper-001 Play-Arts-Variant-Stormtrooper-002 Play-Arts-Variant-Stormtrooper-003 Play-Arts-Variant-Stormtrooper-004 Play-Arts-Variant-Stormtrooper-005 Play-Arts-Variant-Stormtrooper-006 Play-Arts-Variant-Stormtrooper-007 Play-Arts-Variant-Stormtrooper-008 Play-Arts-Variant-Stormtrooper-009 Play-Arts-Variant-Stormtrooper-010