Star Wars Metal Earth Millennium Falcon Review

We’ve reported about these Metal Earth models a couple of times now and decided we needed to build one for ourselves.


Metal Earth Millenium Falcon 01

The model comes in a small cardboard envelope style packaging with a window showing the metal sheet with the model pieces.


Metal Earth Millenium Falcon 02

Inside you find two metal sheets with all the parts and an instruction sheet


Metal Earth Millenium Falcon 03

The instructions suggest using tweezers or small needlenose pliers to put the model together. I used a pair of needlenose and small scissors to cut the pieces from the sheets.

There is a QR code on the instructions that when scanned shows you a rotating 3D model of the model you are about to build. The instructions suggest looking at this before you build to get an idea of what it should look like (Even though I did look at the 3D model and already knew what the Falcon looked like, the above picture is about an hour into the build and around the time I realized I had used the wrong round gun mount on the top of the ship and have to unbend a few pieces to move it to the bottom)

Metal Earth Millennium Falcon 20


Metal Earth Millenium Falcon 09

The model is held together by bending or twisting small tabs in slots on the other pieces. You can see these tabs in this close up picture.


Metal Earth Millenium Falcon 04

Metal Earth Millenium Falcon 05

Metal Earth Millenium Falcon 06

Metal Earth Millenium Falcon 07

The completed model took me about 2 hours and 15 minutes. At the beginning I was very worried about misshaping the metal parts or accidentally snapping off the tabs that hold it all together, by the end of it, that wasn’t really a worry anymore, I was used to it and no tabs even hinted at snapping during the build. The stand is built into the model itself so you don’t have to worry about it falling off.

Some of the round pieces were a little hard to bend into the right shape (Especially the radar dish) but I did find having a small pen or marker helped get nice round shapes out of the metal pieces before attaching them to the model.

Metal Earth Millenium Falcon 10

The size of the completed model is still very small, here it is next to a vintage 3 3/4″ Bespin Han


Metal Earth Millenium Falcon 08

The detail on these models is really exceptional considering the tiny size of them. Once you get used to the bending of the metal pieces, the model can be a fun build and the completed model looks really sharp while not taking up too much room. It reminds me of something you could see in a business setting but with a geek flair. While the $12 – $15 retail price on these tiny models may seem high, they can be found a bit cheaper if you look around. This one in particular was found at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $6