Star Wars Luke X-Wing Black Six Inch Gallery

When it was announced that Hasbro was dabbling in a new figure size I was intrigued. If you remember a few years back, there was a rumor that this was going to happen. Well, the time has come and we finally got a Marvel Legends inspired Star Wars figure. The first assortment consisted of: Luke X-Wing, Darth Maul, Sandtrooper and R2-D2. What do we think of this inaugural series? Keep reading to find out!

First up in our very first non-G.I. Joe review is Luke Skywalker. This figure is bad ass guys and gals. Sorry for the pun but in all seriousness, this figure is the cream of the crop. Perfection only comes once in a while and they nailed it with Luke. The facial recognition is off the chart and the detail to the flight suite is spot on. The articulation is awesome and I must admit, I was not expecting this level of articulation in a non Marvel figure.  Hasbro went all in with this toy and I am pleased. The future looks bright as long as Hasbro produces core characters. Hopefully we will not have to wait a year or so for a Vader, Luke Jedi, Lando and so forth. I am greedy and I do want them all. Concentrate on what made Star Wars the best and this should be a successful series.


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