Star Wars Life Size R2-D2 Monument from Gentle Giant

Who would have through we would ever receive such a glorious R2-D2 AND in vintage form to boot! Gentle Giant has announced a life size R2-D2 Monument that looks just like his vintage toy counterpart. The price is steep ($3200) as expected but wow, just wow. 

Expected release date is Jul 1st 2018

Your childhood dreams have come true! Now your toys are big enough to play with YOU! Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to bring you the latest addition to their popular line of life-sized monuments with the vintage-inspired R2-D2 Monument!

Digitally scanned from an authentic mint-condition vintage 3 3/4″ action figure and reproduced to a staggering three and a half FEET tall, this fully articulated monument also includes a vac-metal dome, articulated head and legs, AND his head actually clicks when you turn it, just like your childhood figure! The R2-D2 live-size monument will be a stunning centerpiece for any true collector’s display.