Star Wars Han Solo 6″ Black Series Review!

Fresh off the truck, we present Star Wars The Black Series Han Solo from series 2! This set has yet to hit the stores and I know some sites got these early but still, what you see below happens to be one of the finest Star Wars pieces Hasbro has released. The sculpt is spot on and the paint apps look sharp. I am a fan of the New Hope Han and this figure will go well with the Luke X-Wing pilot from series 1.

Episode IV Han Solo: Episode IV Han Solo is equipped with blaster pistol. A former attendee of the Imperial Academy at Carida, Han Solo was a renowned smuggler typically associated with his partner, the Wookiee Chewbacca, and the legendary vessel, the Millennium Falcon. Though initially drawn into the Rebel cause as a mercenary interest, Solo participated in the rescue of Princess Leia, and then decided to go back and assist the ragtag Rebel fleet against the Empire during the Battle at Yavin. 

This whole assortment screams win and the only oddball is Leia. The reason I say that is due to the theme. This assortment represents a New Hope (Greedo, Han and Fett) and she seems to be the odd ball. Now do not worry, she will be next so we’ll save that for latter. Now back to Han..

The articulation is really good on this figure. There is nothing hindering the movement of the joints and you can get some cool poses from him. The accessories are awesome as well. If you prefer the Death Star Han well you can have him. He comes with a trooper belt and blaster to make this a reality. This is also one of the first figures to come with an extra set of hands; one set with gloves, one without. You also get Han’s blaster and holster.

This figure is solid and a vast improvement over the 1st series figures. The only fear I have is Hasbro will cancel this series right when it’s getting good. For now, enjoy them and if you see any from this wave, snag em. My rating on Han is 5 out of 5. Thank you Hasbro!!!

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