Star Wars Celebration Day One- What went Wrong!

What a day folks, what a day. By now most of you heard of the cluster that was Star Wars Celebration. The line to get in was well over a mile long (in fact it was pushing 2). There was a lack of organization once you made it in and if you had a panel or a Funko pass you were screwed. This was absolutely the most frustrating experience to date with this convention.

I lay partial blame on Reedpop as we never saw a helper at any given time and there was no communication to the fans waiting. One of the culprits was the metal detectors. You try funneling 20 to 40 thousand people through these 10 machines and you will see how well it works. At one point, someone must have said this is nuts because the flood gates opened and people started flowing in. We got in line at 9:45 am and got in the convention center a quarter till 1. Wow. 

In the past this was never an issue and I hope it’s one addressed by Reedpop soon. I know I do not want to wait in that travesty again. Still, once in you were good to go, unless you needed to get to will call for passes. That too was a cluster but luckily we did not have to deal with that. 

The other thing about this show is the distance to get in. It seemed like we had to walk 2 to 4 halls down just to get back to the main hall we passed. Yep, they marched everyone well past the main hall for the entrance. This was a minor inconvenience but I did hear of dealers who were made to get in the outside line just to get in. Come on Reedpop, control this and get these people in the show!!

Once in though, fans were treated to a giant AT-AT and that was the start. Sideshow was first and from there the fun began. It seemed the main issue was just getting in the door. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better than today and I hope everyone had a great start to the show, I just wish we had. On another note, check out some of the props from the floor and look for more tomorrow.