Star Wars Celebration 2017- Thats a Wrap!!

We are done! Yes, the journey that was Star Wars Celebration is now in the books. While this one had issues, Reedpop came through and corrected some of those issues. The lines to get in the show stretched for miles but apologies were posted and more entrances were opened. This was the largest Celebration yet and it has to be an attendance record breaking event.

Magic was in the air but the challenges to get in was tough. I know the official store felt more like Celebration 3 due to the long hours that was spent in line compared to Celebration 6 where fans could walk in with no issues. The metal detectors was a pain but our safety is important. There needs to be some adjustments to this to cut down on the lines but they have time.  The crew did the best they could and I hope that Reedpop can correct these problems that plagued this event (and they will!!).

The next Celebration is scheduled for 2019 and they have plenty of time to work out the bugs due to the massive growth. 2019 will bring us a new film (Episode 9) and the opening of the Star Wars park. I cannot fathom how large 2019 will be for Celebration and I’m already excited for the event.

I just want to thank Reedpop and all of the Celebration crew for an amazing time and for allowing our site an opportunity to cover this event. Thanks again and May the Force be with you ALL!!