Star Wars Celebration 2017- Star Wars Rebels

We are winding down our Star Wars Celebration coverage with the Star Wars Rebels panel. By now you all know the series will end with season 4. Dave Filoni mentioned that even though the beloved series will end, animation will continue. We have no idea if all these characters will survive but season 4 will shed some light on that. We all know Chopper and Hera survive but what about Zeb, Sabine, Ezra, Kanan and hot Kallus? 

This series have answered so many questions and the weaving of the series into the Original Trilogy is breathtaking. Dave Filoni and crew have done an amazing job on the character development and you actually feel when something happens to the crew. I also enjoyed the fact that Dave brought in characters from The Clone Wars and tied that series into this one. So much good has come from this show and I hate to see it end BUT we all knew it would. 

The one thing the cast talked about is character development. Obviously the cast could not go into too deep of details but I do believe we will like how these characters complete their journey. Unlike the Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels is a strong character driven series. It took some time to build up but damn, they did an amazing job. For example,  Tiya Sircar went into some deep details of Sabine’s development and she turned this character into a powerhouse. I would advise you all to watch the panel on Youtube. This series as a whole is so dear to my heart and to millions of other fans as well. The development of Kallus is a major plus. The villain turned to Rebel is awesome and Dave deserves some kudos for that. I love where Kanan and Ezra are going character wise and Chopper….Chopper has become the new hotness for droids. 

Dave Filoni premiered the season 4 trailer AND we got to see the first episode for season 4. You guys will love it and we are heading to some giant moments for this show. Season 4 will only be 13 episodes long but Dave will get to finish this one proper. Oh and look for more characters to make an appearance in season 4 and classics as well (Mon Mothma, Saw Gerrera for example). Also Ashoka LIVES!!! This was confirmed by Dave Filoni in a subtle way! 

The Star Wars Celebration experience was amazing and the Rebels panel was the icing on the cake for me personally. Look for more news on Rebels and look for more info from Lucasfilm on upcoming animation projects. Finally I would like to thank the powers that be that made this happen and I would like to thank Dave Filoni and the cast and crew from Rebels for making such as awesome show.