Star Wars Black Rogue One Series 3 Coming Soon

New info is coming in on what we can expect for the next series of Star Wars Black; Rogue One. We just received series 2 not long ago, and while this was not a great case assortment we did get 3 new figures. The next wave of will be even bleaker as we get 4 carry over figures. Yes that means this assortment will only have 2 new figures; BAZE MALBUS & CHIRRUT IMWE. While I am excited to get these new figures, I will not be ordering a sealed case. We usually get in 4-8 cases for Needless Toys and Collectibles but like many, we are overflowing with the initial releases. Oh well, let the hunt begin sometime in the new year. Check out the first boxed sample of Baze below and look for pre-orders to hit Christmas day.