Star Wars #8 Review!

Before I begin, I will try and stay spoiler free but I might let something slip. Consider this a spoiler warning now.

What a solid issue we have this month and I tell you, this book keeps getting better and better each issue. Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly are churning out some amazing work. In fact the entire team is producing some of the finest Star Wars stories ever told in comic format. The overall pace and structure of the issue is spot on and unlike other books, the jumping around makes sense. You have 3 major plot points going on in this issue and they are:

1- Luke and Wedge are on board the Star Destroyer Devastator

2- Han is facing some old enemies

3- Leia encounters something from an old era long gone.

How does the story progress? Fantastically if you must ask. By now you know that Luke and Wedge are on a top secret mission to plant a bug in the Imperial communications to help discover a spy. They intentionally get captured so this can be done. This is one part of the story that excites me as a reader. Before luke becomes the Jedi we know, we get to see him use the force in a new way. All of this is new to him and I really enjoy that aspect. Remember this takes place shortly after A New Hope. I am also enjoying the utilization of Wedge in the story. There is one part of the issue that I found humorous (to me at least) but I will let you guys discover that yourself. Of course it revolves around Wedge and Luke so be on the look out for that.

Moving on to Solo and his problems, I would have never thought a garbage-barge could pull of some of those crazy stunts but remember, Solo is at the helm of this beast. This to me is the gritty side of the story. We get some good old bounty hunter action in Imperial City and its starting to bring some attention……unwanted attention that is. Han Solo and Chewy still have to deal with Fett and Bossk but I will be stopping there. You guys will have to read this to grasp the full situation our heroes are in.

The last portion of the issue deals with Princess Leia trying to find a new home for the Rebellion. She does make a stop in the Alderaan system for remembrance. While there, a ship does approach her  ****SPOILER****  and its an old class destroyer from the Clone Wars. Oh I cannot wait to see where this is heading and I really like the fact that we see something from the Clone Wars.

What can I say about this issue? Or about this tittle? All I can say is it’s a fantastic issue and the series as a whole, goes above and beyond what I would expect from a Star Wars tittle. Dark Horse is not pulling any punches with this book. In fact, I could actually say this is the best Star Wars book they have done in years. If there was ever a love letter to the fans, this is it. Read this book now and by the way, I give the issue 5 out of 5 stars. Keep up the fantastic work guys and I will wait patently for the next issue.