Star Wars 6″ Black Series Boba Fett Coming to Walgreens?

Chalk this one up to the rumor mill but it seems we might get an exclusive 6″ Boba Fett soon, from of all places, Walgreens. With the recent news of the Marvel Legends Venom hitting this chain this very well might be a possibility.  

The Venganza Media Gazette received an email, with a Walgreens computer screenshot showing “STAR WARS BOBA FETT EXCLUSIVE DISP” – “ACTION FIGURES/ACCESSRY”, with a retail price of $19.99, and shipping date is listed as August 27, 2014.

Their sources claim that it could very well be a white McQuarrie colored armor Boba Fett or a Return of the Jedi Boba Fett. We have reached out to Hasbro for some claification. Just know that Walgreens has a ton of stores so getting this hot item (if the rumors pan out) will be easier than normal. Personally I like this idea as this will get these figures into collectors hands with ease. More as we get it folks.

*Image not the actual version