Spin Master Rebirth Tactical Batman 4 Inch Review

Rounding out our weekend of four inch Batman reviews we’ve got a new one for you! Today we’re looking at the Rebirth Tactical Batman from Spin Master.

Here’s the packaging for Rebirth Tactical Batman. As you can see in the picture below, the secret trading card is different from the previous two figures we’ve reviewed. This one is the “Sky Detective” mission which means we’ll have different accessories than the Rebirth Tactical Batman that comes with the “Harbor Defender” mission.


I assume this figure is based on a rebirth design, but when I googled “Rebirth Tactical Batman” I only came up with results of this figure. The figure is an armored looking version of the regular Rebirth Batsuit. There’s a lot of sculpted mechanical detailing throughout this whole figure including some rivet work on the torso. It reminds me a lot of the 3 3/4″ Iron Man 2 toyline from 2010. The figure is mostly black with a nice metallic silver paint job on parts of the chest, arms and legs. 



The three mystery accessories include blue versions of the Gauntlets we saw yesterday in our Joker Review. There are also two new accessories we haven’t seen yet. A Winged Backpack and some Energy Blaster.


I’m excited to see a backpack in this line as I noted that the figures have back holes. As I mentioned in my Four Inch Batman Review a couple of days ago, the cape has a hole in it to allow a backpack to be plugged into the figure without the cape getting in the way.

The Bat Glider Backpack is a nifty idea that I would love if it was bigger. It reminds me of the Dark Knight movie Wayne Tech Mega Cape that was made for children to wear. It looks like some mechanical backpack that has bat wings coming out of the sides. When attached to the figure, the wings just barely jut out past the shoulders. I understand the idea of making all of the accessories around 1-2 inches long to fit in the mystery accessory boxes. Unfortunately, this is now the second accessory out of three figures that feels undersized and I worry that it’s for the simple fact that it wouldn’t fit in the gimmicky packaging otherwise. While the Fistzooka only needed a half inch to look the right size, the Bat Glider looks like it needs to be double the size (four inches long) to look right on the figure.


The next accessory is the Energy Blaster. This looks like a large sci-fi gun with a sculpted energy blast coming out of the barrel. The way the energy is sculpted reminds me of Mr Freeze’s Ice Gun. While I appreciate the gun being a silver-grey color, I kinda wish it was some translucent color. That way you could paint the gun yourself and leave the energy effect part alone. I think that would look really good, still be attractive to the kids and doesn’t add any paint apps for the company. This might be a good idea for future waves of mystery accessories since the same sculpt gets recolored a few different times in the line.


The Gauntlets are the exact same pieces as the ones I reviewed with Joker. These are a bright metallic blue. According to the insert accessory/mission sheet, the grey ones are “Rare” but the blue ones do not have a designation. I assume this means they are common. Although, to me, they look like they should be the rare ones as they have a color that pops rather than the dull silver the other Gauntlets are colored.


In every Batman line, you’re going to have multiple different Batman figures. The Rebirth Tactical Batman feels like a heavily armored Batman that you would see show up from time to time in almost every Batman media out there. The figure itself is nicely sculpted and painted. While it may not be a must have for a small, core Batman collection, it is definitely a cool Batman figure I would recommend taking a second look at.