Spin Master Joker Four Inch Review

We’re back with another Spin Master Batman Four Inch Review. This time out we’ve got the Clown Prince of Gotham, Joker!


Here we can see the front and back of the Joker packaging. Aside from the character’s name and the photo of the figure on the back, it’s the same as the Batman figure we reviewed yesterday. Opening up the hidden trading card we can see that that is also the same as Batman’s. This means if you look at the insert we posted in the Batman review, you already know what three mystery accessories this Joker figure comes with.



This 4″ Spin Master Joker has a classic look. I wasn’t following the Batman Rebirth comics , but it seems that Joker’s design hasn’t really changed much over the years. While I believe this figure is designed based on a Rebirth appearance, it’s also basically the same as the Super Powers figure in the 80’s and the Mego figure in the 70’s. Joker has an iconic look and there’s no reason to change that.


Joker’s face is a touch too friendly looking for me. The face reminds me of the Imaginext Joker figures. This is a bit dissapointing when you look at the back of the package and see that that figure looks more like Joker and less like a game show host. The sculpt appears to be slightly different from the packaging, but I wonder if the paint job wouldn’t be enough to give a similar appearance. Perhaps if the eyebrows and the eyelids were painted at more of an angle, we’d have a bit more maniacal looking Joker.


This Joker figure has the same articulation as Batman. As with Batman, this is a nice amount of articulation for the figure, but the upper thigh swivel joints still seem useless here. Although you could point out that Joker is seen sitting in a chair with crossed legs many times and the leg joints would allow for that pose. Unfortunately, the plastic coat tails kinda hinder any ideas about this figure sitting down. I wouldn’t recommend a cloth piece for the coat tails like Batman’s cape. Perhaps they could make it a removable piece like the old Super Powers Joker coat tails. The piece is already a sepearate piece that’s glued in place. If this piece was designed to just be plugged in place, it would allow you to remove it for sitting poses. Course that would probably turn it into a choking hazard and now the figure’s child age rating goes up. This is ultimately a minor issue anyway. Joker looks good on his feet and doesn’t exactly NEED to sit down.





Here are the three mystery accessories that came with this Joker. The neon colors actually work really well with Joker as his weapons are usually this level of day glow.


First off is a weapon I was ecstatic to see, the Fistzooka! The Fistzooka appears to be a classic Joker styled weapon. It’s a bazooka that shoots out a boxing glove! The Fistzooka has been coming with Joker figures since 1991 with Kenner’s Dark Knight Collection. (For more about the history of the Fistzooka toy, check our Reused Molds Batman story)

Here we have that Fistzooka standing with a later Joker (Plasma Glow Joker) to give you an idea of the size many collectors are used to seeing. While I LOVE that the Fistzooka was included, it is just a bit too small. The sculpt is nice too. It looks like something Joker may have cobbled together, I just wish it was a half inch longer.


The next weapon is such a great Joker weapon. It’s a perfect combination of your comical round fuse bomb and wind up chattering teeth. I don’t know if this is a specific weapon that’s been shown with Joker in the past like the Fistzooka or not. If not, kudos to Spin Master for creating the perfect Joker weapon I didn’t know I needed! This is by far my favorite accessory out of all three figures I have from this line.


The last mystery accessory is the “Rare” armored gauntlets that make up the Batman Armor set. I was really happy to find out that I was getting at least one part of the armor set until I took a closer look. The gauntlets have pegs that fit in the figure’s hands. This allows them to securely attach to the lower arms. From straight on, the gauntlets look ok. From the side, they look bad. I think doing something like the 90’s Kenner Quick Change Bruce Wayne or even the Bruce to Batman figure from Mattel’s The Batman line would’ve worked better. Just make the gauntlets clip to the top and outer side of the lower arm. You’ll still have a side of the arm that’s uncovered, but the arm may look more natural than how it shows off the top of the hands now.


Putting the armor Gauntlets aside, I really like the Joker’s accessories. They are great colors for a Joker figure and exactly what I would picture the Joker using.



Spin Master has made a very good four inch Joker here. I really have no complaints from the neck down. The face sculpt is a bit too friendly and the Fistzooka is just a little too short. I feel if the face looked more like the back of the packaging, this would be the go-to four inch Joker in my collection. Perhaps they will make a different Joker with a different suit and a more menacing/maniacal head later on that we can switch out with this one. You can get some decent poses out of the figure and he interacts well with the Batman figure. I’m sure kids who may have grown out of Imaginext figures will enjoy this Joker. He feels like a more grown up version, but not too grown up yet.