Spin Master Batmobile 2 In 1 Vehicle Review

We’ve got a new Batman review roaring in and this one is the Dark Knight’s ride, the Batmobile!


The Batmobile 2 in 1 Vehicle is packaged in an open box. The car and mini vehicle are attached to the cardboard with plastic lock clips. The bottom of the packaging has a perforated area that gives you access to the lock clips. I found it easier to cut six pieces of tape on the backer card and just pull the insert out to get to the lock clips. Especially since you have to do that anyway to remove the mini vehicle.


There isn’t too much on the packaging, a couple of kids looking at the Batmobile and a small picture showing the mini vehicle ejecting. It does mention that the four inch figures fit in the Batmobile.



I don’t believe the Spin Master Batmobile is modeled after a specific Batmobile in the comics. It kinda looks like someone took inspiration from the Tumbler, the Batman vs Superman Batmobile and added a dash of the Animated Series Batmobile to come up with this version. It has a lot of sculpted details all over it. There’s rivets, pistons and exhaust pipes all over this thing!


There’s a sculpted bat head as a sort of hood at the front of the engine/mass of pistons. This piece reminds me of the Superpowers hood or the Brave and the Bold Batmobile. 



The wheels roll well and the Batmobile can traverse a good amount of carpeted or hard floor fairly quickly. The wheel tread appears to be bat wings similar to the Batman Begins movie logo. The hubcaps have little classic Bat logos too!



I like that the cockpit looks like a Batman cowl. It hinges at the front and here you can see the cockpit where a 4″ figure can sit.




This is where the main play feature of the Batmobile comes into play. Once you’ve raised the canopy, the cockpit can be pulled backwards out of the Batmobile to expose a mini vehicle! This is the same feature as the Kenner Animated Batmobile from the 90’s.



The mini vehicle looks to be a Batboat but it has these small wings that pop out on the sides so it kinda seems like it may be a jet like the Animated Batmobile toy from the 90’s. Looking at Spin Master’s website, we get the answer:
“Take your BATMAN missions to the next level with the 2-in-1 Batmobile and Batboat! When there’s trouble in GOTHAM CITY HARBOR, launch the Batboat! Simply lift the Batmobile’s hatch and pull out the Batboat to deploy! Compatible with the BATMAN 4-Inch Action Figures (each sold separately), load THE CAPED CRUSADER behind the wheel of his sleek transforming vehicle and speed right into action! Equipped with everything BATMAN needs to keep GOTHAM CITY safe, this iconic BATMAN vehicle is ready for epic adventure as the Batmobile or Batboat!”

Why some of this flavor text isn’t on the packaging is beyond me. This just informed us what the mini vehicle is and even connected it to the Harbor mission theme that’s in the four inch line! This definitely feels like a missed opportunity, but who knows, maybe kids don’t bother reading packaging anymore.



The Batboat has a lot of sculpted details like the Batmobile. There’s even a similar bat head shape covering the engine in the front. The cockpit is open and has a glossy painted mini windscreen. The Batboat has wheels on the bottom that allows it to coast well across the floor. (Carpeted or hard floors) This mini vehicle latches into the main Batmobile easily and securely with the help of some small spring latches. It will fall out if you shake it really hard, but it shouldn’t drop out during normal play.




This is a decent Batmobile. It’s well constructed and feels very sturdy. It reminds me of the generic plastic vehicles from the 80’s which were nigh indestructible. There’s a lot of good details here and many small homages to Batmobiles of the past. The four inch Batman figures fit in the cockpit well. Although I do tend to have issues figuring out what to do with the cape. This is a common issue with most any Batman in a vehicle. I really like the pull out Batboat feature. It was a fun play feature back in the 90’s and it’s still fun today. At around $20 you get a good Batmobile that the kids probably won’t break immediately, but can still look cool on a shelf.