Spin Master Batman Mega Gear

We’ve got another item from Spin Master’s Batman line. Today we’re looking at the deluxe transforming Mega Gear armor Batman.



The Batman that comes in this set is a recolor of the 4″ Rebirth Batman. This time Batman has a classic blue and grey outfit. The sculpt and articulation is the same as before, but it’s nice having a blue and grey version. It’s very reminiscent of the Super Powers/ 70’s-80’s Batman.




The Mega Gear Batman comes with is a glider.





The “transforming” aspect of the Mega Gear glider is that the wings can be folded up. If you press the fin on the back, the wings spring open. The wings stay in the folded position well.




The Mega Gear glider has a bunch of sculpted details all over it. The harness that holds Batman to it has what looks like chest armor, control sticks and thruster jets.



Batman fits on the Mega Gear glider well. This is due to the back peg that plugs into the figure. While the cape has a hole in it to accommodate the back peg, there is also a lower peg that plugs into the harness. This means you have to fold the cape out of the way for this peg. I like that Batman’s hands fit on the Mega Gear control sticks well. Many times you get a toy vehicle combo that doesn’t work so well with the hands of the figure included.



There’s not a lot to this toy. The Batman figure is a good figure in a classic color combination. The Mega Gear glider is ok, but not the greatest thing. Honestly, the whole glider feels too large and bulky for Batman. If this had been some sort of mini mech suit that had a tank mode or some other vehicle mode, I think this would’ve gone over better for me. That feels like a bulky Mega Gear type of item Batman could have. His gliders are usually a bit more streamlined.