Spider-Gwen Trailer Shows Us Emma Stone As Spider-Woman

If you’ve paid attention to the trending topics on Facebook today, you may have noticed that a Spider-Gwen Trailer is burning it up. Video Editor Alex Coulombe put together a trailer for a movie that looks like it’d be so much fun to sit in a theater and watch. The trailer is part of the Vulture Remix series, which has included such great videos as Miss Piggy singing Rihanna’s BBHMM and Suicide Squad mashed with the Dirty Dozen.

The Spider-Gwen trailer mashes together Emma Stone’s scenes from the Amazing Spider-Man films with footage from the 2002 Spider-Man film, Easy A, and Birdman. To complete the trailer some original footage was shot, which is included in the closing credits of the fan-made trailer.

Is the best fan-made trailer we’ve ever seen? No, but it ranks up there. Most of all, it shows a proof of concept. A Spider-Gwen film could completely work and just like the comics series has done, it could present a fresh take on Spider-Man’s world by replacing Peter Parker with Gwen Stacy. Maintaining Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy is perfect, not because there’s already a bunch of Spider-Man footage available, but she did a fantastic job of portraying a very determined Gwen Stacy.

Dang, now I want me some more Spider-Gwen. Marvel, end Secret Wars already!

(Image Source: Maxim Magazine)