So….About that Main Villian in Star Wars EP VII……Spoiler Alert


Some awesome Star Wars news has hit today but I warn you….consider it a rumor until JJ Abrams confirms it. The Indie Revolver has received a first image of the Star Wars baddie and some additional information. There was a rumor floating around that we would see Vader at some point and this confirms just that. Read on for all the juicy details!!


It’s true that the main villain of Episode VII is a Sith Inquisitor. He’s tall and thin and terrifyingly creepy, with glowing red eyes to match his red lightsaber. He’s got some robotic upgrades, like Vader – but no mask. The cybernetic bits weave in and out of him. He’s got a human upper lip, a steel jaw… and the robotic hand that JJ Abrams posted an image of. As LR mentioned, we’ll see flashbacks in this movie which will show us Princess Leia as a young girl and Vader’s involvement with the Sith during his prime. This inquisitor has a fascination Vader through the movie’s timeline as well though – just look how he stares at Vader’s shattered helmet in this image.