Sitterson’s GI Joe Scarlett’s Strike Force Cancelled, Sitterson Removed from GI Joe

Good news comes in small doses and Aubrey Sitterson is off GI Joe from IDW. In fact, his upcoming book, Scarlett’s Strike Force will end with issue #3. While I do hate to see GI Joe is such disarray, it;s something that needed to take place.  Sitterson caused major controversy with both his political views and his major trolling of the fandom.

While I could care less about how someone swings politically, I do care when it bleeds over to the one thing I want political free; my comics. While Hasbro stayed mum on the situation, IDW rallied behind the writter publicly but fans hit them where it hurt, their sales. In reality  Sitterson only had to A-stop trolling and B- apologize to the fandom and things might have been different. Antagonizing his readers with posts like, “you will hate this because it’s gay” really dd not help matters. Most fans would not have blinked an eye but Sitterson had to keep pushing the issue and making it political for no damn reason.

Even now, he is shifting the blame to the fans for both his removal and the firing of the art team. This was Sitterson’s doing and he alone is responsible for his actions. In a recent interview with Bleeding Cool, he admitted that he was implementing socialist views, changing up characters, and rewriting character bios just because he knew it would upset the fans. He was right and no, I will not link to that article. Im just glad this horrid chapter in GI Joe is almost done and I sure hope IDW can get a writer who will treat the property with some respect. 

Just take note, my views on this does not represent the site as a whole.