Sideshow Jason Voorhees Pt6 – Random Toys

The spooky month of October is upon us so for the entire month we’re going to be looking at Horror/Halloween related toys. Kicking us off is a figure of my favorite Horror icon, Jason Voorhees! The figure in question is the 12 inch Sideshow Jason Voorhees from the movie Friday the 13th Pt 6


sideshow-jason-iv-001In the early to mid 2000’s Sideshow put out quite a few different figures based on the Friday the 13th series (mostly just Jason from each movie) These originally retailed for around $45 per figure and each came in an open flap window box with stylized pictures of the toy on it.



sideshow-jason-iv-002Jason stands 12″ tall and sports an impressive amount of articulation. The cloth outfit is pretty much how I remembered it in the movie. The gloves and boots are sculpted on and non-removable. I was concerned about one of the blood stains being much brighter than the others til I read the description for this figure and realized, that’s paint from the paintball scene and should be brighter!


sideshow-jason-iv-003The detailing on the removable mask and head underneath is quite nice including maggots and tons of decay. I especially like the paint job on the glazed eye in his right socket. The straps on this mask have been replaced with thin leather strips. The original straps were made from elastic which caused a couple of issues.



sideshow-jason-iv-004The mask’s straps are a big problem with all of the Sideshow Jasons. These were attached to the mask by running a plastic pin through them then melting the pin on the inside of the mask to seal it. This results in the straps being fragile at the joining pins so they can break easily, they also stretch over time and wind up not being able to hold the mask to Jason’s face properly.


sideshow-jason-iv-005sideshow-jason-iv-006Jason comes with his Machete, a small Knife and 3 throwing Spikes. The spikes can not be held in either of his hands, but fit nicely in their belt pouch. The knife fits very tightly in it’s sheath, but works well enough in either hand.


sideshow-jason-iv-007Here we can see the undressed figure with all of it’s articulation. The interesting part of the costume is the black, furry shirt that is worn under the green jacket. This is obviously used to bulk the figure up to Jason proportions. You have to make sure to keep the pants waist above the end of the furry shirt as it’ll push the pants down lower than they should be.


sideshow-jason-iv-008sideshow-jason-iv-009Also included is a 3 part stand. The base features artwork for the movie this figure is from and holds Jason upright really well.




While this Jason figure may not be up to the level of a Hot Toys figure, I do like a lot of the detailing and the fact that there is a 12″ Jason Voorhees figure. There are a few issues like the mask straps and the fact that the ankles only rotate (which can make posing a little difficult) If you can get one cheap enough, I recommend it. Even though you’ll probably need to repair the mask, it can still be a fun figure.