Sideshow Announces 1:6 Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike!!!

Sideshow just announced two awesome items and this will surely please any Star Wars fan. For ages fans have ask for a 2/6th scale Speeder Bike and Sideshow is set to deliver the goods. Pre-orders will go live soon and this will be a must have. No word on the pricing but know this will not be cheap. Read on for the announcements!

The Empire needed a quick and fast way to traverse the heavily forested moon of Endor!  Thus entered the use of the sleek and slick Speeder Bike!  Star Wars fans will get their chance to Pre-Order this open-air repulsorlift vehicle in sixth scale form soon!  Plus, remember that the Scout Trooper is coming soon as well to pilot the speeder bike!  Attending Comic-Con in San Diego?  Be sure to visit Sideshow’s booth to get an in person look at the sixth scale hover bike!


Fans of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi will be excited to see the Scout Trooper Sixth Scale Figure is on the way!  Pre-Orders for this loyal soldier of the Empire in Star Wars will begin soon!  Of course, what’s a Scout Trooper without his metal steed?  Not to worry, because the Speeder Bike is also on its way too!  Star Wars fans will get a chance to view the Scout Trooper and Speederbike at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego!