SH MonsterArts Mothra To Be Released!

Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA will be bringing a new MonsterArts Mothra to the States! I know several Godzilla fans who will eat this up. Click on through for the information and gallery!

May 2014 $ 64.99 Following the release of Battra Comes One of the most requested SHMonsterArts Releases of all time-SHMonsterArts Mothra! Sculpted by Yuji Sakai, this Exquisite Kaiju Action figure Depicts Mothra in Intricate detail with a brilliant color-Scheme and Vivid bright blue Eyes. Even her furry insect exterior has been replicated! Featuring advanced SHMonsterArts articulation at the neck, torso, wings, Mothra is able replicate virtually any pose seen in the films. A special display stand is also included in the set to allow Mothra to take flight. Close the screen DOORS, SHMonsterArts Mothra IS Heading your way soon!

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