SH MonsterArts Big Chap New Images & Info!

Tasashii posted a full length article detailing the aspects of the new SH MonsterArts Big Chap figure. This is a must read gang and if your a fan of Alien then this is for you. The figure was developed for the 35th anniversary of the film and he was designed to replicate poses shown in the movie. This means he will have different joints to pull this off. Enough of me though, go read the article HERE!

“SHMonsterArts Alien Big Chap” is being developed as an action figure with an emphasis on the reproducibility of the image of Big Chap in the play. 
Included making a product prototype thoroughly in order to reproduce as it is, or style reminiscent of that suit actor with a long thin limbs are inside, the detail modeling of the details that have been completed Giger himself participated in the suit production are rare. Of course, a huge head, which is a feature of Big Chap is covered hood-like part of the semi-transparent, to design and modeling operations, including (skeleton real that was used in the suit) skull shape visible beneath I have also accurately reproduced. As for moving, it is a movable design different feelings on the part of “plays people to enter” the movie shooting, and (depicted in the 3DCG in the play) Alien Warrior of the first series products Series . It brings on presence that was sedately by a movable mechanism was calculated to be faithful modeling, that plays a person enters a figure just just to be standing. Alien of the molding as it is, he has become a high degree of perfection to be able to enjoy as it is in the pose of a play within a play during.

The SHMonsterArts Big Chap action figure was developed from the ground up to replicate poses from the Alien film. The overall style dictated by the long arms and legs of the actor inside the suit, and the finely detailed sculpting of the suit itself as designed by Geiger , are replicated in the product in exquisite detail. And it goes without saying that the Big Chap’s distinctive translucent head carapace is rendered with a separately-molded semi-translucent part, allowing the precision-sculpted skull beneath to show through (as a side note , a real skull IS said to Have Been USED for the Movie Costume). 
Posing WAS Designed around the concept of a Suit Actor Portraying the Monster on-screen. For this reason, it WAS Designed with a Completely Different joint system than That of the Previously sold-Alien Warrior, Which WAS rendered on-screen with 3D computer graphics. 
This Faithful attention to Design Allows the figure to feel Like a Suit Being Worn by an Actor WHEN Displayed. In Other Words, an Alien That figure looks exactly Like the Alien on-screen, that can be posed exactly like the Alien on-screen.

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