SH Figuarts Injustice Batman and The Joker Figures Revealed!!!

Tamashii Nations and Bandai have released official images and info for the upcoming SH Figuarts Injustice Batman and The Joker figures. Each figure stands over 6″ tall and each figure will have specific character accessories.

Batman includes a full face mask, interchangeable hands, a  Grappling gun and Batarangs. The Joker will include two heads, a gas mask, assorted hands, pistol, knife, crowbar, Joker card and chattering teeth.

Look for these highly detailed figure to hit this November at a SRP of $56 USD. Our friends overseas will pay 5,800 Yen.

SH-Figuarts-Injustice-Batman-001 SH-Figuarts-Injustice-Batman-002 SH-Figuarts-Injustice-Batman-003 SH-Figuarts-Injustice-Batman-004 SH-Figuarts-Injustice-Batman-005 SH-Figuarts-Injustice-Joker-001 SH-Figuarts-Injustice-Joker-002 SH-Figuarts-Injustice-Joker-003 SH-Figuarts-Injustice-Joker-004 SH-Figuarts-Injustice-Joker-005