SH Figuarts Falcon Review

Today we’re looking at my favorite MCU character in a toyline I’m mostly unfamiliar with…SH Figuarts Falcon by Bandai Tamashii Nations!


Right out of the box you can see that SH Figuarts Falcon comes with two different heads, six different hands, detachable wings, handle grips and a clear connector piece. This version of Falcon is based on his appearance in Avengers: Infinity War. The costume is slightly different from the Civil War/Antman appearance. The biggest differences are the longer black sleeves, the shoulder pads are black instead of silver in the middle and Sam has a full beard instead of just a goatee.


The SH Figuarts Falcon is in the 1:12 scale and it measures just slightly shorter than the Marvel legends MCU Falcon. Both of those are quite shorter than the Diamond Select MCU Falcon. (Which is the only other MCU Falcon around the same scale, not counting the repaint of the Legends Falcon that came with Winter Soldier)


Articulation wise, the SH Figuarts Falcon is like an artist’s drawing model. There are so many joints that you can do a subtle little shifting of hips and shoulders to give a life-like appearance. There’s a good mix of ball joints and hinge joints throughout this figure. Most of the ball joints appear to be double ball joints which is always good for minor adjustments when posing figures.


The two heads for Falcon give you a normal appearance and one with goggles on. The maskless head is ok but doesn’t feel like it’s quite right for an Anthony Mackie likeness. The goggled head is my go-to head for SH Figuarts Falcon.

A nice detail I was surprised by was the hairline on the neck piece. The hair line matches up with the hairline on the head (even if my picture looks off) so that regardless of how the head is positioned, the hairline is in the same basic area like in real life.


Out of all of the hands that come with SH Figuarts Falcon, the pointer hands appear to be the most versatile. They work well for pressing buttons on his visor or controlling Redwing on the wrist display.


The pointer hands are also very good for giving a trigger discipline grip on Falcon’s guns! Now since these are the only gripper hands, Falcon will never be able to pull any of these triggers, but it displays well enough.

I believe this is the first Falcon in this scale to even come with guns. (The Hot Toys and Minimates being the only ones until now)


There are two different backpacks that plug onto Falcon’s back. One has a closed up appearance while the other has the opened appearance. The interesting thing to note here is that the open one doesn’t appear to have Redwing housed in it anymore, but there also isn’t a Redwing accessory. The open backpack has two ball joints sculpted into it for attaching the wings.

Having Falcon’s wings on ball joints gives them a massive amount of poseability. The wings can have a relaxed look., or even a swept back look like when Falcon is diving.


You can even extend the wings upward. You can also see the hand grips on the wings here. They are held on with ball joints so the wings aren’t completely limited to how far the arms can extend.


The clear connector piece that comes with SH Figuarts Falcon plugs into the back of the open backpack. The instructions mention using it with the Bandai Stage Act 4 stand, but it’ll work with any stand that has a 3mm plug like the Chara Stand Plate I have.


There are two issues I’ve found with the SH Figuarts Falcon. First off is the same issue almost every MCU Falcon figure has and that’s that the foot doesn’t point downward much at all. In this case, I think it’s just how the joint is designed instead of the sculpted leg detail blocking the foot’s movement. This isn’t a deal breaker, just disappointing. The foot also has a hinge for the toes, but it doesn’t move much due to the sculpted detail on the top of the foot

The other issue may be more of a factory defect than a widespread issue. The left shoulder on my figure is pretty loose and can be popped out of socket pretty easily. It makes the arm fall down a little in some poses.


This is my first SH Figuarts figure and I’m impressed with a lot about this figure. Very well detailed, tons of articulation, multiple hands/heads. (though I do wish there was at least one more set of grip hands without the finger pointing) The thing that threw me off was how light the figure is. It feels like a model kit. That said, I’m not a hundred percent sold on this line. I feel it may be better at $50 per figure, but not quite the $75-$90 that most of them are sold for. For me, I’ll probably only ever have this one because it is my favorite MCU character. I like a lot about it, but it needs a little more for me to want multiple figures from this line. It’s almost like a mini Hot Toys figure, but not quite.