Secret Wars Deadpool – SDCC 2015 Exclusive

Gentle Giant has released info on yet another awesome SDCC Exclusive AND it;s non other than a Jombo Sized Deadpool! This piece is absolutely wicked and a must have. If you though the Star Wars pieces was cool (which they still are), this one is even better! If you become a PMG Member yo can get this and much more so just do it! Read on for all the info and check out those images!

Face it, what would San Diego Comic Con be without Deadpool? Gentle Giant LTD has created their own interpretation of Deadpool if he had been included in The Secret Wars! The “Merc with a mouth” never looked better. This Jumbo Figure comes in at 12 inches tall, and will go great with the rest of your Gentle Giant LTD Secret Wars Jumbo figures! This wise crackin’, gun totin’, chimichanga eatin’ mercenary will also look great on your mantle, your dashboard, or hanging on your wall in the bathroom.

Don’t be a dummy, buy this figure now. This doll action figure, was made using vinyl and ABS plastic, and features the same articulation as the other figures in the Secret Wars line. Love, Deadpool… If you are not planning on attending San Diego Comic Con 2015, but still wish to purchase the Deadpool Secret Wars Figure, then join the Gentle Giant Ltd Premier Guild today!!! Not only will your membership allow you to purchase this exclusive item, but you will also receive 10% off all regular release items, access to past PGM items, access to future exclusives, and one of the below mini busts of your choice!!!

SDCC2015-Jumbo-Secret-Wars-Deadpool-001 SDCC2015-Jumbo-Secret-Wars-Deadpool-002 SDCC2015-Jumbo-Secret-Wars-Deadpool-003 SDCC2015-Jumbo-Secret-Wars-Deadpool-004 SDCC2015-Jumbo-Secret-Wars-Deadpool-005 SDCC2015-Jumbo-Secret-Wars-Deadpool-006 SDCC2015-Jumbo-Secret-Wars-Deadpool-007 SDCC2015-Jumbo-Secret-Wars-Deadpool-008 SDCC2015-Jumbo-Secret-Wars-Deadpool-009 SDCC2015-Jumbo-Secret-Wars-Deadpool-010 SDCC2015-Jumbo-Secret-Wars-Deadpool-011 SDCC2015-Jumbo-Secret-Wars-Deadpool-012