SDCC Wolverine Saga Minimates Pack Review

DST Released a SDCC exclusive four pack of Minimates all about Wolverine. Can they cut through butter like a hot knife or are they not the best there is?

Wolverine Saga Package

As you can see the Wolverine Saga pack includes four Minimates. Space Suit Wolverine, Logan-San, Ultimate Wolverine and Symbiote Wolverine

Starting us off is the main reason I wanted to buy this set: Space Suit Wolverine!

Space Wolvie 01

Wolverine has a Space Suit very reminiscent to the suits we saw in the 90’s in Jim Lee’s X-Men comic, Toy Biz’s Wolverine Action Figure and on Fox’s X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon. Since I grew up seeing all three versions of Wolvie in this suit back then, there is a lot of nostalgia for me here. The suit parts are nicely detailed and are all completely removable.

Space Wolvie 02

Space Suit Wolverine comes with extra Arms, Legs, etc… to let him have his modern outfit.

Space Wolvie 03

In fact there are four different mask/hair pieces Space Suit Wolverine can wear (Although he does have to wear the cropped mask in order to wear the space helmet)

Space Wolvie 04

Wolverine also comes with a large laser cannon when his claws aren’t enough of a weapon

Space Wolvie 05

With all these spare parts, you can use them to supplement some of your other figures like the best of 90’s Wolverine…

Space Wolvie 06

…or you can give him a space suit to more closely match the 90’s Wolverine in space. Charles Xavier can also wear the full suit, but the helmet is very loose since it doesn’t have a peg to go into a minimate’s head and Charles doesn’t have the cropped Wolvie mask to take up the spare room in the helmet.

Space Wolvie 07

You can also give the space suit to other X-Men minimates but they won’t be able to wear the helmet due to their hair. The suit may also make it harder for them to wear other parts like Cyke’s chest straps.

Space Wolvie 08

Space Suit Wolvie is a definite winner in this set since you get at least 2, if not 3 different figures out of this one minimate.


Ult Wolverine 01

Up next is Ultimate Wolverine. He’s your basic minimate with minimal additions like the cuffs of his gloves.

Ult Wolverine 02

Ultimate Wolverine is a solid minimate and a nice representation. The figure probably just feels lacking since Space Suit Wolverine came with so many additional parts.


Logansan 01

Logan-San represents Wolverine in Tokyo. He’s wearing a kimono and has a younger look with a shorter, less messy looking hair piece.

Logansan 02

Logan-San also comes with a set of extra arms to allow you to give him a kimono-less appearance.

Logansan 03

Included with the extra arms is a katana. This is my second favorite figure in this set again due to nostalgia. I also like the look of Logan-San in his battle ready appearance here.


Symbiote Wolvie 01

The last Wolverine of the group is by far the oddest one to me. Symbiote Wolverine represents when he was possessed by a Venom clone.

Symbiote Wolvie 02

The wolverine mask can be taken off to reveal a Symbiote face underneath.

Symbiote Wolvie 03

Like I said, this is an odd figure (especially since I never read the comic where this all takes place) but one of the plus sides to this figure is the Symbiote arm with the tendrils on the shoulder. This is the first time this part has been released as it (and the other paired shoulder) was cut from the Venom Through the Ages box set that was released previously.


Wolverine Saga Title

So like I said earlier, I originally bought this set just for the Space Suit Wolverine. I was surprised by how much I liked the Logan-San, but aside from the new Symbiote shoulder, I don’t care as much about the other two figures. Fans of Wolverine will love this set. One very odd observation about this set is that not a single Wolverine in the set comes with normal, clawless hands. This isn’t deal breaker or anything as spare hands are very easy to find, but it’s just kinda odd.