SDCC: Diamond Select Toys Booth

Since SDCC started, Diamond Select Toys have been posting pictures on Facebook of their booth and all the upcoming items they’re showing off there. We’ve collected a number of those pictures for those (like me) unfortunate enough to not be in San Diego themselves.



Here’s the DST Booth with huge posters showcasing all the different licenses they are working on.


In the Marvel world, DST has a few different product lines coming out in the next year:


DST SDCC Marvel Retro Cap America

Hot on the heels of the Spiderman Retro set, we’ll be seeing a Captain America Retro set including Mego Cap, Steve Rogers and Modern Cap.


DST SDCC Marvel Select Carnage DST SDCC Marvel Select Cable

In the Marvel Select line we’ll see Cable this winter and Carnage will show up a year after that!


DST SDCC Minimates Villain Zombies

Coming at the end of this year (maybe as soon as Halloween) we have the second Villains Zombies Minimate set with Sabertooth, Kingpin, Dr. Doom and Morbius


DST SDCC Minimates Pulp Fiction

Speaking of Minimates, DST had some of the Pulp Fiction sets at their booth…


DST SDCC Minimates Mass Effect

…Along with a new series exclusive to Game Stop stores, Mass Effect Minimates! These will be blind bagged at Game Stop this fall.



We also got a look at the free Minimates DST are giving away at their booth, Leonardo and Michelangelo!


DST SDCC Plant vs Zombies

Along with the Plant vs Zombies Minimates (you can see them in the background here) DST also have a figure line for the property!


DST SDCC Plush Buddy Christ

DST even has plush dolls of Buddy Christ from the movie Dogma & Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back!


DST SDCC Batman Banks

Finally, celebrating Batman’s 75th anniversary, DST has multiple character banks from the 60’s Batman TV Show.