SDCC Days of Future Past Minimate Set

One of the classic X-Men storylines has been made into a new Minimate set from DST….Days of Future Past!


SDCC Days Future Past 01 MOC

This set has four classic figures from the Days of Future Past storyline, Future Wolverine, Future Kitty Pryde, Future Sentinel & Mystique.


SDCC Days Future Past 02 Tray

Before we get into the figures, there’s one thing to know, apparently Marvel nixed an idea of a gun for Wolverine (based on the cover of 141) but the tray was obviously already made as there’s an empty area in the corner that has no weapon. Also Wolvie has a leg pouch instead of a holster.


SDCC Days Future Past 03 Wolverine

So first up is Future Wolverine. He has a bright color palette showing the older Wolverine from the dystopian future of Human enslavement.


SDCC Days Future Past 04 Wolverine

Wolverine is a good figure and I like the colors, but the jacket seems a little long. I think a shorter jacket in the same colors would look a bit better.


SDCC Days Future Past 05 Jacket

As a stand in, one could just take the jacket off of Trent Mauser from the Expendables TRU exclusive set.

SDCC Days Future Past 06 Jacket

The color isn’t as nice as the official one, but I like this sculpt better



SDCC Days Future Past 07 Kitty

Next up is Future Kitty Pryde. Just like Wolverine, Kitty looks like she appears on the cover of X-Men 141.


SDCC Days Future Past 08 Kitty

Kitty has a nice scared face and the reused jacket looks like it was made for this figure.


SDCC Days Future Past 09 Future Kitty

Kitty also comes with a spare hair piece, arms and legs to outfit her in the green jumpsuit with the Mutant M written on it. There’s also a yellow power inhibitor collar.


SDCC Days Future Past 10 Future Kitty

This is a great look and I love that we got these extra body parts to set up scenes like this.


SDCC Days Future Past 11 Sentinel

The next figure in this set is the Future Sentinel. The colors really pop on this figure and he looks great.

SDCC Days Future Past 12 Sentinel Head

Included with the Sentinel is a spare, damaged head


SDCC Days Future Past 13 Sentinel Head

On the back of both heads is a metallic tampo with the Trask mark on it.


SDCC Days Future Past 14 Sentinel

The sentinel comes with a flight stand to simulate flight. This is a fun looking figure and while I wish Sentinels could be a much larger scale, I still like seeing classic looking Sentinels.


SDCC Days Future Past 15 Mystique

Lastly we have Mystique. This is a welcome update to an older Minimate figure of a very well known character that new comers (like me) may not have been able to get easily. Mystique is in her classic white outfit with skulls tampo’d on her belt and head.


SDCC Days Future Past 16 Mystique Head

Mystique comes with two spare heads. A “transforming” head showing her change into Senator Kelly and a full Senator Kelly head.


SDCC Days Future Past 17 Sen Kelly

If you have a spare suited figure (such as the wave 43 J Jonah Jameson I have here) then you can just slap that head on the body and now you have a Senator Kelly figure to rally against the Mutants!


SDCC Days Future Past 18 Sen Kelly

And if you have two JJJ figures, you can mix and match some parts with Mystique (as well as cut up the jacket piece) to complete the transformation look.

This set is a great set full of figures that are good on their own, but are made excellent with some of the extra pieces. I love the Days of Future Past storyline and really like how the figures turned out for this set. I highly recommend this set if you like the story or not. It’s got classic characters and enough parts and pieces to help with any customs you may be making. You don’t see scared faces that often so Kitty’s head is great for many dio scenes.



BONUS REVIEW! SDCC Uncanny X-Men #23 (Minimate Cover Variant)


SDCC Days Future Past 19 Comic

I’ll be honest, I only grabbed this comic for the cover. We now have a Minimate version of the Uncanny X-Men #141 cover (Part 1 of the Days of Future Past storyline) This is now the second Minimate variant cover Marvel has done (The first being Amazing Spider-Man #1 Recreating the cover to Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #82) I have always loved this cover and with the release of the above Minimate set, I knew I had to have the corresponding Minimate Comic Book Cover. You can see that any and all people on said cover are now Minimates even the X-men’s heads in the corner box have been changed to Minimates.

Just like the last Minimate variant cover, this one is drawn by Minimate Designer, Barry Bradfield (Though I didn’t see his name listed inside the book as Cover Artist. This is an issue I have with how they make the books. If you’re going to list the cover artist in the credits, either make a new splash page for every variant cover, or list ALL of the different cover artists and their corresponding cover titles. This book is limited to 6000 copies.

As for the story, I felt rather lost (even with the blurb on the splash page telling me what happened previously) because the last time I was following current X-Men books was way back in the Age of Apocalypse days. In this case, I kinda wish the comic had just been a reprint of X-Men 141.