SDCC 2015: Vertigo Announces Twelve New Series

(Source: Vertigo)

At Comic-Con DC’s Vertigo seemed to have the surprise announcement of Thursday with the news that it would launch twelve new series this fall. A new number one will debut every week, starting with October 7. Many have speculated that the power of DC’s imprint that championed more mature-themed, creator-owned work might get phased out after mainstream DC took back characters like Swamp Thing and Constantine that had previously been anchors of the Vertigo line. It looks like rumors of Vertigo’s demise had been greatly exaggerated.

The schedule for the new titles is as follows:


The Twilight Children_Cv1_SDCC_559d9d87209d97.71235801 Twilight Children - Interior01_559d9dcf66eb20.84385859 Survivors Club_Cv1_SDCC_559d9dfdd0fa70.34844619

CleanRoom_Cv1_SDCC_559d9e155b85e9.11995075 CleanRoom_Cv2_SDCC_559d9e35f33803.70240216 ART OPS #1 Cover&Logo_559d9e868d1bf5.65280487

THE TWILIGHT CHILDREN #1 (Gilbert Hernandez, Darwyn Cooke)
SURVIVORS’ CLUB #1 (Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen, Ryan Kelly)
CLEAN ROOM #1 (Gail Simone, Jon Davis-Hunt)
ART OPS #1 (Shaun Simon, Michael Allred)


Unfollow_Tablet_Cvr_559d9ea83237d0.06015715 SLASHANDBURN_Cv_SDCC_R1_559d9ec18ac8b1.95683254 Red Thorn_Cv1_SDCC_R1_559d9ed5d708b4.28942595 Jacked0103_559d9f1e1ef883.28414545 Jacked0102_559d9f0e334429.63904201

UNFOLLOW #1 (Rob Williams, Mike Dowling)
SLASH & BURN #1 (Si Spencer, Max Dunbar, Ande Parks)
RED THORN #1 (David Baillie, Meghan Hetrick)
JACKED #1 (Eric Kripke, John Higgins)


The Sheriff of Baghdad Cover_559d9f563c44e4.86133606 New Romancer CoverFINAL_559d9f78e82837.06194372 Lucifer_Cv1_SDCC_559dae8a9dfde9.56453707 Last Gang in Town_Cv1_SDCC_559d9fcc3ebd78.20072629

SHERIFF OF BAGHDAD #1 (Tom King, Mitch Gerads)
NEW ROMANCER #1 (Peter Milligan, Brett Parson)
LUCIFER #1 (Holly Black, Lee Garbett)
LAST GANG IN TOWN #1 (Simon Oliver, Rufus Dayglo)

Vertigo will also continue to publish ASTRO CITY, AMERICAN VAMPIRES, and SUICIDERS.