SDCC 2014: Hasbro Star Wars Press Gallery

Hasbro has sent out their official press images to news websites. This press kit is full of the reveals from SDCC and I can clearly see Hasbro winning fans hearts with some of these reveals. The Black series 6″ figures continues to impress us all and the 3 3/4 figures are getting better. Now all Hasbro needs to do is work on the distribution. The Mission series selection is solid and so are the exclusives. Check out all the images below!

Mission series 2 packs

A8930 Sabine_StormTrooper A8931_Rebels_Cikatro_IGRM copy A8932_EPVI_Wicket_Biker copy A8933_EPV_Bossk_IG88 copy B1385_Mission_Hera_StormTrooper copyA9827_Rebels_Wookie copy

Saga Legends

A9382 AT-AT Driver copy A9381 Jedi Temple Guard copy A9380 CW Plo Koon copy A9379 CW Commander Gree copy A9378 AT-DP Pilot copy A9376 Rebels TIE Pilot copy

The Black Series 3.75-inch line

326486_SW_Mission_Black_Series_CapRex copy 326486_SW_Mission_Black_Series_Doom copy 326486_SW_Mission_Black_Series_Dutch_Vanders copy 326486_SW_Mission_Black_Series_Vader copy A9109_SW_BlackS_Leia_Yavin copy A9111_SW_BlackS_Chewy copy A9359_SW_BlackS_Com_Wolffe copy

The Black Series 6″

331838 EpII Clone Trooper Sargeant copy A6521 TIE Pilot copy A8724_SW_BlackS_Deluxe_Han_Tauntaun copy A8725_SW_BlackS_Luke_Wampa copy A9389_SW_BlackS_Han_ST_ copy A9815_SW_BlackS_Bossk copy

Vehicles and Exclusives

329391_StarWars_Imperial_Transport_Open_2_Troopers A8816_AT_DP copy A8818_Phantom2 copy B0572_WMT_SW_MILLENNIUM FALCON_Clipped copyA96770000_DAD_StarWars_TitanCollectionPack_life2 copy battle of endor catina showdown swbtarget xwing

B0837 SW Command Battle Pack Droid Destruction_V2 copy BattlePack_W2_CloneClash copy VersusPack_W2_DesertEscape copy