SDCC 2013 Exclusive Azog in New LEGO Set?

The header says it all folks. Why drop a grand on a figure that will be released with a new Hobbit set? This makes no sense to me. If you only want the figure and you were going to open it anyway you might as well wait for this:

Dol Guldur Battle (79014)

– Gandalf and Radagast mini-figs.
– The Necromancer mini-fig.
– Tan-coloured Azog mini-fig similar to the one given away at San Diego ComicCon 2013.
– Two Gundabad Orcs with no hair but with white war paint.
– Approximately $79.99.

Yeah I know it does not come with the card but that’s okay right? Spend your money on more LEGO sets. Stop the madness!









Looks the same to me…….