Sci-Fi Revoltech Alien Queen Review!

Okay so this one is a tad old but more were produced. If you’re  like me and missed it then this became a prime opportunity to own this piece!  I missed most of the McFarlane releases and I will not make that same mistake twice. When I saw this up for order it had to be mine! Upon opening the box, you will find a small plaque, a stand, a base, an unattached arm and leg, and the main body of the Alien Queen. The packaging was not a hassle and is designed to allow one to remove for display and to put back in for storage.

The figure itself is a work of art; sporting both spot on details and good articulation. If you’re like me you enjoy the inner jaw and this bad girl comes with that. Just like other releases this one also come with a flexible tail and the head also has some flexibility as well. I must admit this is my first Revoltech figure and I was not disappointed. The one thing I will point out is the attention to detail and how close the figure is to the real deal. A lot of time went into the sculpt and you can see that. If you want a film accurate figure then get this piece.

The only drawback is it seems to be a tad flimsy. What I mean is it’s definitely not a toy for a child. Some of these parts are delicate. Still, if that’s the only drawback then it;s a solid piece. As a huge Alien fan I am pleased that I purchased this toy. If you have been on the fence now is the time to grab one. I am not sure how long the supply will last. My rating on this is a solid 5 out of 5. Grab it while you can!

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