Samurai Returns In September With “Samurai: Brothers In Arms”

Samurai, one of the great series that Titan has resurrected and re-introduced to US audiences. They have just announced a new series titled Samurai: Brothers In Arms, which will arrive in stores in September. Before going further, we need to point out how David Mack has made a such a striking variant cover with such simplicity.

Here’s the press release, slightly edited so it doesn’t sound like an e-mail.

Samurai_BrothersInArms_1_Cover_ASamurai: Brothers in Arms #1

WRITER: Jean-François Di Giorgio
ARTIST: Frédéric Genêt
COVER A – Frédéric Genêt
COVER B – David Mack
COVER C – John McCrea
COVER D – Jung Shan
COVER E – Steve Kurth

FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On Sale: September 14

Having bested the legendary Shobei in a duel, Takeo has finally left the Isle with no Name, accompanied by his brother Akio. The excitement of their voyage from the Island awakens Akio from his mute state, and Takeo is finally ready to discover the answers to the questions that have driven him so far…

Variant Covers:
Samurai_BrothersInArms_1_Cover_B Samurai_BrothersInArms_1_Cover_E Samurai_BrothersInArms_1_Cover_D Samurai_BrothersInArms_1_Cover_C