Saga #36 – Review

It’s been a while since I caught up with Marco, Alana, and Hazel in the pages of Saga. When I saw that Saga #36 promised a somewhat happier story, I was thrilled to catch up, since things have not looked good for quite a while in Saga.

Saga 036-000SAGA #36

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist/Cover: Fiona Staples


Saga has a penchant for leaving fans worried for the characters. Marco and Alana have split up, Hazel has been taken away from them, We’ve seen characters be killed and nearly die in horrible ways. Brian K. Vaughn maintains that same sense that something can go horribly wrong. I won’t spoil anything about Hazel’s escape or rescue attempts, but there a dozen ways that they can go wrong, and all along the way, I was expecting them to fail horribly, and someone to end up dead in the process. Brian K. Vaughn has done such an excellent job of setting expectations for failure, that when success happens, it is so refreshing to see.

Saga-036-014Speaking of refreshing to see, I love Fiona Staples artwork. From the amazing cover to almost every facial expression drawing us into the characters’ lives. We know exactly how everyone is reacting to the swift pace of events, and she does the perfect job in choreographing action from panel to panel to convey that quick pacing. Some of the environments are a little barren, but that’s forgivable, given how great everything else is with the art.

Also, look at that cover!