S.H. Monsterarts Ultimate Burning Godzilla

Tamashii Nations posted a product page for their upcoming Godzilla vs Destroyah – S.H. Monsterarts Ultimate Burning Godzilla. This is a Tamashii Web Shop Limited figure and will include four smoke effects. These effects pieces can be place on Godzilla to further enhance the burning aspect. Also included are a set of interchangeable hands. The figure will stand at just under 6″ tall.

Pre-orders begin on July 15th, with a release set for December. The price is 9,504 Yen ($90 USD). Check out the images below. 

SH-Monsterarts-Ultimate-Burning-Godzilla-001 SH-Monsterarts-Ultimate-Burning-Godzilla-002 SH-Monsterarts-Ultimate-Burning-Godzilla-003 SH-Monsterarts-Ultimate-Burning-Godzilla-004 SH-Monsterarts-Ultimate-Burning-Godzilla-005 SH-Monsterarts-Ultimate-Burning-Godzilla-006 SH-Monsterarts-Ultimate-Burning-Godzilla-007 SH-Monsterarts-Ultimate-Burning-Godzilla-008 SH-Monsterarts-Ultimate-Burning-Godzilla-009 SH-Monsterarts-Ultimate-Burning-Godzilla-010