S.H. Figuarts Injustice Harley Quinn New Images!

Tamashii Nations has released new images of the upcoming S.H. Figuarts DC Comics Injustice Video Game Harley Quinn figure. Harley will come in close to 6″ tall and will include an oversized mallet, two pistols, Joker card, interchangeable hands and head sculpts. Check out her game below and look for her to be released in 2015.

SH_Figuarts_Injustice_Harley_Quinn_00__scaled_600 SH_Figuarts_Injustice_Harley_Quinn_01__scaled_600 SH_Figuarts_Injustice_Harley_Quinn_02__scaled_600 SH_Figuarts_Injustice_Harley_Quinn_03__scaled_600 SH_Figuarts_Injustice_Harley_Quinn_04__scaled_600 SH_Figuarts_Injustice_Harley_Quinn_05__scaled_600 SH_Figuarts_Injustice_Harley_Quinn_06__scaled_600 SH_Figuarts_Injustice_Harley_Quinn_07__scaled_600