Rumer Report: Preliminary Wave Assortments for 2022 Legacy Transformers Line

News has come out about a possible list of new Legacy Transformer items.  This info comes from and is considered a rumor until Hasbro releases the info. As of right now, nothing has been offered to retailers to order but that could change any day. Now for the list:

Wave 1:
Skywarp x2
Hot Rod x3
Iguanus x3

Wave 2:
Iguanas x1
Optimus Prime (repack) x1
G2 Megatron x2
Shockwave x2

Wave 3: contents may change
Soundwave (repack) x2
Energon monster x3
Skullgrin x3


Wave 1:
Skids x2
Dragstrip x2
Prime Arcee x2
Kickback x2

Wave 2:
Prime Knockout x2
Elita 1 x2
Tarantulas x2
Wildrider x2

Wave 3:
Pointblank x2
Crankcase x2
Energon monster x2
Deadend x2

Wave 4: contents not final


wave 1:
Blaster x2
Bulkhead x1

wave 2:
Prime Soundwave x2
Jhiaxus x1

wave 3:
Armada Starscream x2
Beast wars Inferno x1


Wave 1:
Lazer Optimus Prime x2

Wave 2:
Galvatron (Repack) x1
Blitzwing x1

Wave 3:
Dragon Megatron x2


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