Rogue One AT-ACT – New Images!

New images have hit showcasing the upcoming Rogue One AT-ACT vehicle. While some collectors shun this vehicle it does have some awesome features. The fact that Hasbro decided to go with an “older” style for the vehicle is boggling but the ap feature is pretty sweet. While over priced, it still looks like a potential winner. This toy will sell well and I do believe availability will be tough. In fact, last night at a Rogue One event, I could overhear people asking for the AT-ACT! If you want to see more from this vehicle then check out the images below. Thanks goes out to JediTempleArchives for the heads up!

rogue-one-at-act-1 rogue-one-at-act-2 rogue-one-at-act-3 rogue-one-at-act-4 rogue-one-at-act-5 rogue-one-at-act-6 rogue-one-at-act-7 rogue-one-at-act-8 rogue-one-at-act-9 rogue-one-at-act-10 rogue-one-at-act-11 rogue-one-at-act-12 rogue-one-at-act-13